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Great fitting jeans can be as rare as great fitting friends, but when you finally stumble across them, they make your life a lot more pleasurable. The trouble with jeans, though, is that most people don’t really know just how to find a great match for their body. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are in search of the perfect pair:

1. Make it a leisurely shopping trip. They say you can’t rush perfection, and when it comes to finding a great pair of jeans that fit just right, you certainly can’t expect to accomplish the goals on your lunch break. Mark an appointment on your calendar, making sure to reserve a few hours or even an entire afternoon devoted exclusively to getting your hands on the jeans you really want.

2. Break out the measuring tape. One pair of size eight jeans that fit you to perfection doesn’t mean every size eight will be so flattering: Different designers, especially when from different countries, size their jeans in unique ways. Your best bet is to know the exact circumference of your waist, hips and thighs, and to have a good idea of the length of your legs. Use an online chart to guide you to the closest size in your desired style and brand.

3. Work your booty in the dressing room. Don’t rely only on how well a pair of jeans looks on you, you’ve got to really move around to ascertain the fit. Bend at the waist, kneel down and have a seat. Keep in mind, too, that off-the-rack fit may be different than fresh out of the dryer fit. Examine the care instructions to see if a particular pair you like may shrink when washed and make your purchase decision accordingly.

4. Know your hems. Judge the hem of jeans by the shoes or boots that will accompany them. A flared hem, for example, may drag down too far when worn with sandals and other flat-heeled shoes. Boots, on the other hand, complement the wide-bottomed jeans well. A cropped leg style will look great with your favorite low-heeled or canvas-wedge shoes. The key is to buy jeans that will coordinate with shoes you’re comfortable with, and match them up accordingly when you wear them.

5. Be realistic about the fit. While you may want a pair of pants to slim and flatter your body, you don’t want to force the issue anywhere, particularly around the waist. The proverbial “muffin top” result is anything but attractive and wearing jeans that are too tight may leave you with lower back pain.

6. Don’t be afraid of color. Jeans in the classic denim blue are fabulous, and a necessary component of any great wardrobe, however, you might be surprised at what a splash of color can do for an outfit. From casual to elegant, red, yellow, green or pink jeans give you a lot to work with in terms of style and image.

7. Be picky with pockets. Even a tailor-made fit is lost when the pockets aren’t placed appropriately, or when there are simply too many of them. While you do want a place to drop your coins or tuck your hands, you don’t need a barrage of pockets plastered all over your derriere.

8. Shop for tops while you’re there. Unless you’re certain you have the perfect array of shirts to go with your amazing new jeans, try on a few tops, too. A smooth fit in pants should be off-set with a loose-fitting shirt and vice versa: Pair baggy jeans with a snug top.

9. Experiment with style. Scouring the mall for just the right fit can be so tiresome, not to mention time-consuming. If you’ve never adorned your legs with a pair of trouser jeans, try some on! Different styles can provide your wardrobe with new versatility and you just might discover a new and highly flattering fit.

10. Be greedy when you finally find what you’re looking for! If a particular designer really strikes your fancy and the store is offering multiple styles in that label, pick up an extra pair. Considering how long and laborious shopping for the ideal pair of jeans can be, there’s really no reason not to stock up on the genuine article, most especially if they’re on sale!

The often elusive “perfect” pair of jeans does, in fact, exist, you just have to know how to look for them and how to make sure they’re the genuine article. While it may take some doing to find them, it will be well worth the rewards.

Whether summer is in full-swing for you or still many months away, it’s always good to make sure that you have a nice stash of summer fashion, especially if it gets very warm where you live.

But how do you know that you have all the pieces necessary to be ready this summer? Did you know that there are three must-haves for every summer wardrobe? If you didn’t, don’t fret. Below, we cover the three basic pieces of summer fashion that every person needs to have.


Are you surprised to see this number one on our list? Don’t be! The hat is one of the most vital pieces of clothing for your summer wardrobe. A good, fashionable hat helps protect your scalp and face from the sunlight. If you’re going to be out in the sun a lot, you can’t just put some lotion on your head. This is why you need a hat to protect your precious skin.

Luckily, there are many kinds of hats out there to help you stay fashionable as well as safe. Baseball caps are great for a casual look, and come in many different colors and designs. Rimmed hats and floppy hats are perfect for a dressed up look, such as an outdoor wedding ensemble.

Light Colored Cotton Clothing

Have you ever heard the phrase “cotton breathes?” It’s true. Light weight cotton clothing is a lot cooler to wear than most other materials, simply because it lets hair in and out to help keep your body cool. This summer, make a point to have an arsenal of light colored cotton clothing, such as skirts, dresses, tops, T-shirts, and even pants.

Why light colored? IT’s simple physics. Dark colors, such as black, absorb the sun’s rays, which means they heat up. Light colors, such as white and pastels, reflect the sun’s rays, meaning you stay cool underneath your clothes. So when you’re shopping for some summer wear, pick an airy, pastel outfit.

Supportive, Open Shoes

Some people are content wearing their usual year-round shoes during the summer, but for others, having open-air shoes is vital to staying comfortable when out and about. But a common mistake many people make is buying sandals or heels that offer so support whatsoever. This is fine if you’re mostly sitting all day, but if you’re walking around town or doing some sight-seeing, you really need to buy shoes or sandals that offer your feet good support and protection – while also letting the air tickle your toes.

As you can see, the three mandatory pieces of summer fashion are not hard to come by. Make sure you have hats, supportive sandals, and thin, airy clothing that will keep you cool through the summer months. Just because you have to dress cool doesn’t mean you can’t look cool. Go crazy expressing your personal style while also protecting your health whenever you go out. It’s summer! Time to go out and explore the world.

Every girl dreams of looking like a Princess on their wedding day or when they go to their prom but not all girls have the body shape to be flattered by some of the latest styles. When it comes to dressing for a really special occasion don’t be tempted to wear something just because it’s the latest style – understand your body shape and buy something which is flattering for you to feel and look fabulous without being self conscious.

We’ve all seen larger than average girls pouring themselves into tight fitting bodices but there really is no need. All girls can look beautiful on their special day if they just follow a few simple rules and dress to their body shape.

Busty Girls – girls with a larger bust may also have narrow hips and a waist which is not very well defined. The key to looking fantastic is to draw the eyes away from the bust and up towards the face which will help to balance the broader upper body with the narrower lower body helping to create the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure. Choose dresses which help to define the waist and add curves to your hips. If you’ve got great legs don’t be afraid to show them off but don’t be tempted to go too short or you will look a little top heavy.

Slender Girls – some girls have a naturally thin frame which is rather “straight up and down”. The trick is to accentuate that long, lean physique using a fitted dress. A belted waist will help to provide a little shape and a dress with a side slit will help to add dimension.

Apple Girls – girls with an apple shaped figure carry the majority of their body weight in the middle. These girls will typically have rather slim legs and a short, undefined waist. A dress which has an empire line will help to draw the attention in all the right directions. Belted styles and wrap dresses can also look great. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs if it will make you feel good – if you’ve got great legs then why not show them off?

Pear Girls – if your hips and thighs are much larger than your shoulders and chest you are pear shaped. The waist is usually the best asset of a pear shaped girl so if this is you don’t be afraid to flaunt it. It’s all about adding volume to your top, emphasizing a tiny waist and detracting attention from the hips to create a beautifully balanced silhouette. A dress which has a fitted top and a full, flouncy or A-line skirt works well.

Petite Girls – if you are below 5′ 3″ high then you are officially petite. Some prom or wedding type dresses can literally drown someone so small so it is important that you choose your dress carefully. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of leg which helps to add height with an asymmetrical hemline to make you appear a little taller. If you choose a floor length gown with a full skirt it can be overwhelming for such a tiny frame. Choose something delicate and feminine to really compliment your body shape.

Hourglass Girls – girls with an hourglass figure are ultra curvy with bust and hips in perfect proportions and a body which is in complete balance thanks to the length of the legs. In order to dress this type of figure to its full advantage you really need to accentuate your best asset – a well-defined waist will help to do this. Girls who are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure can look good in many different shapes of dress with natural waistlines, v-necklines, form fitted tops, wrap dresses and open necklines. These girls are the luckiest of all when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for that special occasion.

Follow these tips to suit your body shape and you won’t go far wrong. If you choose a style of dress which really flatters your figure and accentuates the parts which need accentuating it will help you to look and feel fabulous which can help to make a great event into the perfect occasion.

Getting married is a big step in any woman’s life, and wearing the right bridal tights is important. Of course, much like finding the right wedding dress, finding the perfect pair of bridal tights isn’t always easy. The first thing you should consider is not shopping online, but actually going to a physical store to ensure your bridal tights will be a perfect fit. Even though most online stores will offer returns, you still have to take shipping costs into consideration and you may not even have the time.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of bridal tights you want. Are you going for a sexy or a more conservative look? Solid colored white tights with a floral or intricate embroidery detail design is more for a conservative bride. If you’re looking to be a bit more sexy than conservative, go for lace tights or solid tights with lace inserts.

It is important that you get bridal tights that fit your body. When you first try on your tights, they may feel like the perfect fit, but keep in mind you will have to spend some time in them. When trying them on, walk around the fitting room, bend down and try sitting to ensure that the tights fit well.

You should watch out for any wrinkling or loose fabric behind your knees. Bridal tights that fit you well, will not do that. Also place a bit of focus on the waistband. It will always stretch, but regardless of how much it stretches, it can still become painful when it pushes into your stomach for hours on end.

Always look for quality bridal tights that can withstand wear. You will only need them for your special day, but it is important that the fabric doesn’t end up pulling, pilling or even developing a hole. Of course, the fabric quality and the cost will often determine the quality you should be expecting.

If you are tall or short, make sure you find bridal tights that are appropriate for your height. Most tights are sewn in a generic one-size fits most fashion, and it really isn’t for everyone.

Take your time before making a final selection. It is important that you don’t settle for uncomfortable or poor quality tights. After all, your wedding should be important and your clothes can help you feel at ease!

Fishnet tights are truly not the easiest pair of tights to create a stylish look with. This is especially true if you want to come off as looking classy as opposed to suggestive. However, how you wear fishnet tights can determine how appropriate or inappropriate your look is. Below, you will find a few helpful suggestions to allow you to make the most of wearing fishnets in a classy manner.

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you actually like fishnet tights. There is little point in forcing yourself to wear this item, unless you personally find it appealing.

If you do like fishnets, pay attention to the type of clothing you will wear. Wearing high heels and a mini skirt are the opposite of classy when it comes to playing with fishnet tights. Instead, opt for a knee-length skirt or one that may even be a tad longer. If you are looking to wear fishnet tights to the office, consider putting them under a pair of pants for just a slight hint of sexy.

Your clothing should be simple when you choose to wear fishnet tights. Avoid wearing clashing patterns or flashy jewelry, because these types of tights can be a statement piece on their own. When you choose to downplay the rest of your clothing, you are creating a classy look with your fishnets that is not only appropriate for the office, but won’t send the wrong message to other people.

You can also help downplay your look by choosing fishnets that are a mesh with smaller diamonds. It is just the right amount of sexy without becoming suggestive. Smaller meshed tights drop a hint of sophistication and style awareness.

Choose fishnet tights that are appropriately colored such as black, nude or gray. Neon colors are highly inappropriate for the office or looking like a sophisticated adult. The only time you should look for neon fishnets is if you’re going clubbing or to a rock concert.

As a last note of caution, fishnet tights are not always easy to downplay and if you don’t feel that your wardrobe is simple enough, skip these types of tights. They can send men the “wrong message” and they are truly not always appropriate in certain situations. For example, going to a board meeting may not be the most optimal time to make a fashion statement.

When I discovered I was pregnant I was overjoyed. The idea of having a baby was not something I had ever considered, it was an event that could happen in the distant future if I landed up in that situation. I was focused on my career and making a name for me in my chosen field, having a baby would (in my mind) have ruined everything! However, here I was with a ‘bun in the over’; but instead of being distraught, I was excited. The only things I dreaded was morning sickness and maternity wear.

Strange, I know – that I would dread maternity wear. The majority of my friends didn’t understand why I was apprehensive about maternity wear; in fact, many of them thought my negative feelings were unjustified as maternity dresses were very similar to the summer dresses I wear on holiday. I argued that maternity wear was bulky and less stylish than my designer robes – how wrong I was.

Upon further research, conducted by my mother and forced on me, I discovered that maternity skirts and dresses have come a long way over the past couple of decades. The image I harbored was the frumpy, stereotypical 1960’s style; whereas, nowadays the maternity outfits are designed by high-end fashionistas like Heidi Klum.

This further research also indicated that I would not be one of the crowd in my clumsy maternity outfit; instead, each skirt could suit a different occasion. I had the option of casual day skirts or dresses, as well as more formal evening skirts and dresses. I felt truly embarrassed and could see why my friends thought me an idiot for feeling wary about maternity clothing.

When I reached the stage where I no longer fit into my ‘normal’ clothes, I set out to purchase some maternity skirts – I have always been more comfortable in skirts than trousers. However, I have always been more inclined to the shorter skirt than longer ones and was pleasantly surprised when this preference could continue throughout my pregnancy.

Of course, I couldn’t wear a tight mini-skirt; but, I was able to locate a flowing knee-length maternity dress that was just as lovely and comfortable to wear. In fact, I may have it altered when the pregnancy is over that’s how much I love this outfit. My favorite maternity skirt is (oddly enough) a full-length tiered skirt that flutters in the breeze.

When I entered pregnancy I was not looking forward to morning sickness and maternity wear. Now, I revel in my clothing; however, I doubt morning sickness will ever be pleasant.

Going on a first date is never easy on the nerves. If anything, it tends to drive people to their closets, desperately trying to find an outfit that makes them look good, is comfortable, and will impress their new intended. But first date fashion can be hard to come by, especially if nothing in your closet is speaking to you!

That’s why we’ve put together some tips for helping you choose the right outfit for your first dates. The odds are pretty good you’ve got it sitting in your closet already – it’s just a matter of recognizing it.

Be Comfortable

Many people are under the assumption that in order to look good they must feel uncomfortable. Whether this means belts that barely fit, seams that are bursting, or shoes so tall they make you wobble, one of the last things you’ll want to put yourself through on a first date is fashionable discomfort.

You want to be able to dedicate your attention to your date, not your clothes. Besides, you never quite know how a date is going to turn. What starts as dinner and a movie could become a walk on the beach or through an amusement park. You want to be ready to move comfortably so you can enjoy your time.

Dress For The Occasion

Only you can truly know the level of your formality for your first date. If it’s someone you’ve been talking to for a while and they want to go somewhere casual, then a nice pair of jeans and a nice top will do just fine. If it’s a blind date at a mid-high level restaurant, then you may want to dress up a bit more. This doesn’t mean you have to drag out your old prom dress. There is such a thing as overdressing! Instead, wear some nice slacks and a blouse, or a nice, comfortable dress.

Own What You Wear

No, we don’t mean make sure that you actually purchased what you’re wearing, although that’s always good advice too. What we mean is that you want to be confident in whatever first date fashion you choose, as that confidence will be projected to your new date. Own it. Take it a spin a few times while you’re out shopping if you’ve never worn it before. Feel how it moves and how sexy, pretty, or cute it makes you feel. Any boost to your confidence that a good outfit gives you is one that makes a great first date outfit. Your clothes should accentuate your identity, not be keystone.

First date fashion isn’t something mysterious or even frightful. Although it can be daunting to find that “perfect” outfit, by keeping in mind that you want to be comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and confident in what you wear, you will surely find the outfit that speaks to you. And if you don’t, take it as an opportunity to go shopping for some new looks. Maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet.

The fall is almost here, so every girl should check out her wardrobe to see if she has all the essential things for this season. Temperatures are going down, therefore clothes need to get thicker and warmer. Nobody goes shopping each time the season changes, we all have in our wardrobe a few basic items we can use for several years at least.


Every girl needs a good pair of boots, as they are the perfect accessory for many outfits. They can look very stylish with a dress, but skinny jeans or leggings can also be a good choice. Moreover, boots and denim skirts are good friends. A pair of boots will keep your feet warm and make you look stylish ans cool.

Black dress

The black dress will save you in a lot of occasions when you won’t know what to wear. It is perfect for cocktail parties, evenings out with friends, theatre, movie or a fancy romantic dinner. You can wear your black dress at a business meeting as well. By using different accessories, you can turn it into an outfit suitable for a wide array of events.

Black blazer

If you have a smart casual black blazer, you can match it with both business and casual outfits, so you are going to be safe for the cool nights of the fall. It works perfectly for business presentations but also for casual meetings with your friends. You can pair it with a skirt or a dress. It can look great with a buttoned shirt underneath, but also with a casual top and a pair of jeans.

Purses and handbags

You need at least two or three handbags and purses. That’s because you cannot go to a cocktail party wearing an oversized bag. A clutch would be much more appropriate for such events. However, for going to the office or for meeting your friends for shopping, you may want a bit more room in your handbag, therefore a clutch won’t be a good fit. Moreover, if you go out during the day when it’s warm outside, you may want to have a big handbag so that you can carry a warmer jacket for the evening.


Scarves are both stylish and useful. They can make awesome accessories for every outfit, allowing you to change your look by simply changing the scarf you wear or the way you are wearing it. You can make some really interesting combinations between your blazers and your scarves, so you should definitely add this item in your wardrobe in case you don’t have it yet. A scarf can protect you from cold in winter, but if you choose a lighter one, you can use it during the hot seasons to protect you against the sun.

If you don’t know how to combine all these accessories, the best you could do is to grab a few fashion magazines, browse them and learn from the pros how to create interesting and stylish outfits that allow you to be in the centre of attention and make people believe you are always very well dressed. It’s not very hard and not very expensive either. All you need is some basic gear to rely on.

If you are intent on getting fit and remaining that way, it is not an easy feat. Staying fit requires hard work and determination. There are some directives that you will have to follow else you will just revert to your unfit self. Some of these directives have been discussed below.
First of all, you need to find a program that is best suited for you. Every fitness woman is different. You may have undergone surgery in the past that disqualifies you from using a certain program. It is important that you consult a qualified trainer first so as to ensure that the fitness program you are choosing will not bring you more harm that help. If the fitness program is not for you, it can only cause you injuries and frustration.

You will also need to set targets that are realistic. Ensure that the body that you prefer to have in a certain period of time is realistic and can be achieved. The program you choose should also be practical in that it will not give you false hopes. It is vital that you be aware of the blocks that you will encounter from day to day. This will help you know what program is satisfactory and you can, therefore, set goals and timelines that are realistic.

The exercises that you do should work on the parts of your body where the muscles are. This is because by developing muscles, you will end up burning more calories and as a result lessening the fats in your body. You therefore need to learn what exercises work on certain parts of your body. Weight lifting and multi-joint exercises are recommended since they are effective and time saving.
While looking to get fit, you need to systematically work on your muscles. You ought to be increasing the intensity of your work outs over time. Repeating the same set of exercises without getting your muscles to work harder will not result in more satisfactory results. This is why you will need the help of a daily log. In this log, you can record your daily results and make progress based your previous data. This will motivate you since you will have the ability to track how far you have gone.
To stay fit, you need to be flexible. This means performing a variety of exercises. Every exercise program should contain a variety. You can make changes to your exercises, sets and goals every once in a while so that you will be motivated to keep on going. It will also prevent you from getting bored thus you will not lose energy mentally and physically.
Motivation is a very important aspect of keeping fit. It helps you greatly in maintaining the energy levels of your body thus allowing you to have a sense of control. This control helps you develop a sense of ownership in which you get to play a part in implementing a certain program. To achieve this, you have to ensure that you remain consistent in demonstrating your skills.
Not every program works effectively for every single person. There is a specific workout that is best suited for every person. You will learn best form people who have experience. For your program to be successful, you need to learn to acknowledge the blocks you face and maintain your self-discipline. You will also need to work harder and harder every day and stay motivated. By doing so, you can discover very many programs that work for you.

Dry skin is incredibly hard to deal with. It itches, it does not feel good and little bits of skin are constantly falling off. What makes dry skin even more difficult to handle is that it does not just come at one time of the year (when the weather is cold), but it can strike when you least expect it. There are a number of reasons for this. Not drinking enough water is one; the body must have water to function, and as such, water is also important for the skin. If you notice dry areas, you may need to increase your water intake.

In addition, the products you put on your skin could be causing it to dry out. There are cleansers on the market that contain a number of chemicals, and these ingredients unfortunately sap the skin of the oils it needs to remain moist. Search for a cleanser without these chemicals for best results.

If you have dry skin, you should be using a moisturizer year-round to keep everything in good shape. This is particularly true when it is cold outside. An added benefit is the way moisturizers make your skin feel; you will love the silky softness that results after the moisturizer is applied! Remember, though, that this will not last forever, and you will have to put the moisturizer back on again.

Change your bathing routine. Hot water bothers the skin and causes it to dry out. As tempting as it might be to get into a hot bath, or to stand for several minutes in a hot shower, do not do it. Instead, make sure the water is just luke-warm, and skip bathing every other day. This will help your skin to hold in its moisture.

Also be careful when you go to dry off. Vigorously rubbing your body can harm the skin. Instead, gently pat it dry, and do not worry if you still have a little water on you when you are finished. Add a moisturizer as soon as you are done for best results.

Your diet is important when it comes to your dry skin. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Be careful when you go out in the sun, making sure to put on sunscreen if you know you will have prolonged exposure. In addition, there are drugs that may cause your skin to dry out, so pay attention to what you are taking and how it makes you feel. Finally, if all else fails, consider getting a humidifier to help improve the condition of your skin.

Remember that if you simply ignore your dry skin, you could just make the situation worse. Untreated dryness could result in conditions like folliculitis or eczema. These are often uncomfortable and/or unattractive, so avoiding them with a proper skin care routine is crucial.

Dry skin is an irritation. It can also make you look much older than your years. You may have trouble putting on makeup and could feel uncomfortable throughout the day. In addition, your skin could suffer as a result of the itchiness. Therefore, use the information above to help yourself craft a skin care routine that works for you. Once you get the condition under control, you will feel so much better about yourself and your appearance.